GBI: Food from Sandtown Middle School where kids got sick had THC

A GBI lab test found THC in a food sample from Sandtown Middle School, where 28 students were sent to local hospitals last week after eating Valentine's Day treats. 

The state agency announced Thursday that its crime lab had received 46 items of food for testing from the Fulton County Schools Police Department, which is investigating what made the students sick. 

“Test results of one of the items that has the appearance of cereal has revealed the presence of THC,” the GBI said in a statement.

The school district said at a news conference Thursday that it is continuing with a criminal investigation, which so far indicates a student or students brought the drug-laced edibles to school.

Investigators want to know who brought the treats to school and if they knew they contained THC.

Statements have been taken for a separate school discipline investigation and officials will meet with students and parents regarding school-based punishments, which could lead to a discipline hearing and result in expulsion or suspension, said Chief Academic Officer Cliff Jones.

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A Fulton school police incident report indicated that some of the sickened students had eaten Rice Krispy treats and heart-shaped lollipops, among other snacks.

THC is a mind-altering chemical found in marijuana.

The GBI said it is continuing to do a “complete analysis” of all the items, which it called “a priority.”

The district, in a statement released this morning, said that the student code of conduct prohibits possession of unauthorized intoxicants. The school district’s police department will determine if criminal charges will be filed.

“We will investigate this thoroughly and will see this through to the fullest extent possible,”  said Shannon Flounnory, executive director of the the district’s safety and security division.

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