Firecrackers disrupt day at Fulton County high school -- again

For the second time in eight school days, a student lit a firecracker at Westlake High School.

At about 2 p.m. today, a student lit a firecracker on the steps leading to the school’s media center as students were transitioning to their next class period, according to Fulton County Schools. Online reports indicated that some students thought the noise sounded like gunfire.

In a letter to parents, the high school administration said that the sound “caused a disruption” but officials responded quickly. The student responsible will face school discipline, according to the letter.

“The school day resumed as usual and all students are safe,” the letter stated.

A similar incident happened Aug. 15, when a student lit a firecracker in the cafeteria. That incident also prompted Westlake officials to notify parents of the disruption.

The school did not specify if the same student was responsible for both incidents.

In the letter sent home today, Westlake officials asked parents for their help in preventing such behavior.

“Please reinforce with our children that negative behaviors that put our school’s legacy of excellence at risk will not be tolerated and ultimately do not reflect the values of the Westlake Community. Active monitoring and surveillance will only serve to catch negative behaviors, but together as a community we can reaffirm our standard of excellence and keep our students focused on learning,” the high school letter stated, according to a copy provided by the district.