Decatur woman files lawsuit against DeVry for “deceptive” claims

Attorneys for a Decatur woman have filed a $5 million class-action lawsuit against DeVry University, claiming it made false claims to her about its job placement success rate.

The plaintiff, T’Lani Robinson, said in court papers she toured the school’s Decatur campus in 2013 and was told about its 90% job placement rate. Federal education officials investigated DeVry’s claims several years ago and the school could not substantiate this claim.

“Had Plaintiff Robinson known the 90% Placement and Higher Income Claims were in fact false, she would have paid less for these products and services, or would not have enrolled at all,” her attorneys wrote in their April 3 lawsuit complaint.

A spokesman for DeVry’s former parent company, Altalem Global Education, said it does not comment on pending litigation.

DeVry, a for-profit school, currently operates five campuses in Georgia and offers online courses.

DeVry reached a $100 million settlement with the federal government in December 2016, with nearly half of the money going to students harmed by the deceptive advertising. The rest of the money went to unpaid student loans and debts.