10 Atlanta educators get $7,500 awards

Ten Atlanta educators were surprised this week with prizes of $7,500 each from Atlanta Families' Awards for Excellence in Education.

The awards honor outstanding educators, and the prize money will go toward a school project of the winner’s choice, a professional development opportunity and a personal stipend.

The educators named 2013 AFAEE winners were Jennifer Hall of Brown Middle, Corendis Hardy of Douglass High, Dwight Ho-Sang of KIPP WAYS Academy, Jenny Lockwood of Springdale Park Elementary, Kelly Petrello of Garden Hills Elementary, Alison Shelton of Centennial Place Elementary, Tiffany Stembridge-Taylor of Washington High, Amber Stewart of KIPP STRIVE and KIPP Vision academies, Brianne Turgeon of Springdale Park Elementary and Haena Yoo of Gideons Elementary.