Latest coronavirus updates: Rep. Ayanna Pressley reportedly undegoes testing

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Rapper Meek Mill asks people to sign petition calling for protection of prison inmates from COVID-19.

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 495.64 or 2.39% to 21,200.55, the first back-to-back gain in five weeks since the virus sparked an intense sell-off.

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Italy nears 75,000 positive cases; U.S. exceeds 60,000.

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Idaho Gov. Little issues stay-at-home order. Meanwhile, Apple reportedly discusses delaying release of 5G iPhone.

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The Democratic National Convention has reportedly begun discussions on shortening the July convention or going all-digital.

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House gavels out before passing coronavirus stimulus package. The U.S. House of Representatives gaveled out late Wednesday morning without passing the bipartisan, $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package.

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Britain's Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus. The heir to the British throne has tested positive for the new coronavirus.

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White House, Senate reach deal on trillion-dollar COVID-19 stimulus bill.