Johnson Ferry Christian Academy’s James Bailey showed resilience after baseball accident

Johnson Ferry Christian Academy’s AJC Cup winner James Bailey is described as outgoing, responsible, confident, prompt and honest.

Not only is the senior a top student in his class, according to faculty and staff, but he is the chaplain of the school’s National Honor Society. James has also taken three mission trips to the Dominican Republic.


But it’s not just academic excellence and missions James focuses on. He’s played the piano and guitar for years as part of JFC’s Praise and Worship band. He’s also an avid baseball player. However, his playing led to an accident where he was hit with an 81 mph fast ball that required facial reconstructive surgery.

“His resilience and patience during the recovery process are an inspiration to us all,” said Dean of Students Will Rodgers.

James has several quotes his faculty and staff enjoy. Some favorites include, “It is okay to ask good questions, for questions are a key aspect in learning,” and “I do not fear misunderstanding something because I learn best from mistakes.” Another quote that speaks to his ability to get his work completed: “Deadlines motivate me.”

As for his post-graduate plans, James plans to attend business school.

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