Houston drivers play rock-paper-scissors to decide who moved ahead in traffic

Credit: Dave Einsel

Credit: Dave Einsel

Nudging into a crowded lane of traffic can be aggravating, but a Texas driver decided to make a game out of it, KTRK reported.

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On Saturday in Houston, one driver challenged another to a game of rock-paper-scissors to decide who got to move ahead in the traffic-snarled lane.

Marco Sanchez told KPRC that he wanted to make other drivers "smile and have a little fun."

"He was on the side on the right and I saw him way in the back. No one wanted to let him go by so I didn't find that OK for people to deny him to go in," Sanchez said. "They didn't want to let him go and he got next to me so I just thought about pulling out my phone and having a little fun. I just started to record and challenged him to a paper-rock-scissors game."

The video posted on Sanchez's Facebook page has been shared more than 46,000 times. The driver wanting to cut in won the game, so Sanchez let him pull ahead.

"I'm still shocked," Sanchez said. "I never expected this (video) to go viral."

Given the anger that can be caused by bumper-to-bumper traffic, Sanchez said he appreciated the other driver being a good sport and playing along.

"Houston traffic makes people even more angry after a long day of work," Sanchez told KTRK.