Here’s what’s at stake on Super Tuesday

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Super Tuesday is set for March 3. Fourteen states will be holding presidential primaries in 2020's biggest election so far. They are Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado ... Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina ... Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Virginia. American Samoa is also voting, as are Democrats Abroad, the Democratic party affiliate for American citizens living outside the U.S. With California and Texas as two of the nation's most populous states, more than one thi

More than 1,300 delegates are at stake on Super Tuesday, the nation’s biggest and toughest electoral event so far in 2020.

Those 1,357 pledged delegates (including six from American Samoa and 13 from Democrats Abroad) also make up 34% of the nationwide total on Super Tuesday, making March 3 a make-or-break day for the remaining Democratic White House hopefuls.

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Georgia has been part of Super Tuesday in the past, but not this year. Early voting, however, began Monday for Georgia's March 24 primary.

Here’s a breakdown of the delegate count for 14 states holding their primary elections on Super Tuesday:

  • Alabama — 52 pledged delegates. Several Democratic White House hopefuls participated in Sunday's reenacted Selma civil rights march along with U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Atlanta.
  • Arkansas — 31 pledged delegates in former President Bill Clinton's home state.
  • California — 415 available delegates in what is Super Tuesday's biggest electoral haul.

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  • Colorado — 67 pledged delegates. Former U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet made a brief, weak run for the Democratic White House nomination last year.
  • Maine — 24 pledged delegates.
  • Massachusetts — 91 delegates available in U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren's home state.
  • Minnesota — 75 delegates in U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar's home state. On Monday, the Minnesota senator ended her White House bid.

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  • North Carolina — 110 pledged delegates in another Deep South state voting on Super Tuesday. The Tar Heel State offers Super Tuesday's third-biggest prize. Former Vice President Joe Biden won a resounding victory in South Carolina's primary Saturday and hopes he can win in this neighboring state.
  • Oklahoma — 37 delegates in Warren's birthplace.
  • Tennessee — 64 available pledged delegates.
  • Texas — 228 available delegates in Super Tuesday's second-biggest prize.
  • Utah — 29 available delegates.
  • Vermont — 16 delegates in U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders' state.
  • Virginia — 99 pledged delegates. Virginia is Super Tuesday's fourth-biggest electoral haul.