Why dietitians want you to stop adding collagen to your cocktails

While this boozy trend claims to be beneficial, some experts say there’s no such thing as a healthy drink containing alcohol

You never know what creative concoction you’ll get from TikTok — from onion water to the sleepy girl mocktail. The latest trend involves adding collagen, powder or liquid, to your cocktails.

According to TikTok users, adding collagen to cocktails is another way to help “boost younger-looking skin.” Dietitians, on the other hand, say it doesn’t work and should be avoided.

Collagen plays a vital role in bone and skin health by protecting the joints, skin, muscles and connective tissues. While it’s great on its own, adding it to alcohol can void its benefits.

“Collagen added to an alcoholic drink seems to be so promising because lots of people may believe it to possibly offset the skin consequences brought about by alcohol,Catherine Gervacio, RD, registered dietitian and nutrition writer, told Well and Good. That conclusion, she added, is invalid.


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While this boozy trend claims to be beneficial, health experts say there’s no such thing as a healthy drink that contains alcohol.

“Alcohol can dehydrate the body, including the skin, which is contrary to the hydrating effects of collagen,” Wan Na Chun, RD, told Well and Good. “While the addition of collagen to alcohol is not necessarily harmful, the health benefits of collagen are negated when it is consumed with alcohol.”

For the body to get the full benefits of collagen, it’s best to mix it with water, juices or smoothies, and not alcohol or hot beverages like coffee and tea, said Eating Well.