Gov. Kemp: Officers are showing immense restraint in the face of agitators

Gov. Brian Kemp, during bill signing for a number of public safety measures on Wednesday, called student protesters “agitators” while thanking law enforcement officials for their response to pro-Palestinian protests that have broken out across several college campuses.

I want to first thank our law enforcement across the state who are standing strong and maintaining order in the face of protests and disturbances on our college campuses.

Despite what some in the media and other circles are saying, these officers are showing immense restraint in the face of agitators bent on causing disturbances and we are grateful for their professionalism and service in keeping our places of learning safe.

- Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp remarks on college campus protests during bill signing for public safety measures

Emory University, the University of Georgia, Kennesaw State University, and SCAD in Atlanta, have joined other US colleges in protests against the war in Gaza. Georgia college leaders have defended their actions of involving state and local law enforcement.