Georgia Audubon hires community engagement manager

Georgia Audubon recently announced the hiring of Corina Newsome, one of the organizers of the #BlackBirdersWeek movement, as the new Community Engagement Manager, according to a press release.

In this role, Newsome will work in collaboration with Georgia Audubon’s senior leadership to cultivate strategies and deliver programs that engage diverse communities from across Georgia in the enjoyment and conservation of birds.

“We are delighted to welcome Corina to Georgia Audubon and are eager to begin working to break down barriers that make it difficult for BIPOC, LGBQT+, and other underserved communities to access birding and the outdoors,” said Jared Teutsch, Executive Director. “Georgia Audubon is committed to making birding more equitable and inclusive for all people. Bringing Corina on board as our new Community Engagement Manager is the first step in our efforts to seek out, listen to and learn from, incorporate, and engage voices of more diverse birders in our membership and programs.”

Newsome was one of the organizers of #BlackBirdersWeek, a five-day virtual event that was fledged earlier this year in response to the Christian Cooper incident in New York’s Central Park. #BlackBirdersWeek was created to counter the narrative that the outdoors are not the place Black people should be, to educate the birding and outdoor-loving community about the challenges that Black birders face, and to encourage increased diversity in birds and conservation.

Having experienced the hurdles faced by people of color interested in wildlife careers, Newsome has founded several programs to encourage young people from underrepresented demographics to consider careers in wildlife sciences. According to Newsome, her ultimate goal is to eliminate the systemic barriers that have prevented marginalized people groups from participating in wildlife conservation and exploration of the great outdoors.

Newsome comes to Georgia Audubon from Georgia Southern University where she is completing her Master of Science degree with a focus on avian conservation. Her Master’s research focuses on conservation measures for the MacGillivray’s Seaside Sparrow. She began her wildlife career as a zookeeper, and earned a B.A. in Zoo and Wildlife Biology from Malone University in Canton, Ohio.