Search for body in 20-year-old case turns up empty

Fulton County police say a search at a well in related to a missing persons case from nearly 20 years ago came up empty Thursday.

Police said they received a tip three weeks ago that the remains of 25-year-old Lori Washington were in the well in the rural part of Fairburn.

Washington disappeared from Meriwether County on July 3, 1997.

Investigators spent Wednesday and Thursday searching the well, but found no new evidence.

Family members hoped the search would help bring them closure.

“We’re hoping it is her, so we’ll have closure, because 20 years is a long time and there is not a day that we have not thought about her,” nephew Timothy Autry said.

Autry said he is not surprised by the location the search was centered around.

“That address. There’s people who used to hand out with her that lived at that address, so someone knows about that place and that well,” he said.

Fulton County police say the investigation is ongoing.