You don't have to go far to find schools with quality instructors.

These Georgia schools have the top professors in the U.S.

Not Stanford.

Not Yale.

Not even Harvard.

Rate My Professors determined the best college instructors in the country, and many of the nation’s most prestigious schools failed to make the cut.

Rankings are based on student reviews conducted across four categories: clarity, helpfulness, easiness and rater interest (interest level prior to attending the class).

University of Georgia and Emory University are ranked No. 8 and No. 13, respectively.

Top 15 universities with the highest rated professors 

1. University of Mississippi

2. University of Wisconsin, Madison

3. James Madison University

4. Washington University, St. Louis

5. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

6. Pennsylvania State University

7. Texas A&M University, College Station

8.  University of Georgia

9. University of Notre Dame

10. Vanderbilt University

11. University of California, Santa Barbara

12. University of Texas, Austin

13. Emory University

14. University of Dayton

15. Duke University

Two instructors from Georgia schools also ranked in the "Highest Rated University Professors list":

16. Binh Tran, Information technology, Georgia Gwinnett College 

Student review: "Great professor with excellent interactive lectures. Never a dull moment and I actually look forward to attending the class unlike some others. Highly recommended and I will be on the lookout for any classes he teaches in the future!"

23. Karen Dodson, English, University of North Georgia, Gainesville 
Student review: "Professor Dodson is amazing! I hate writing and was dreading this class but she made it fun and interesting. She made me feel at ease and helps step by step. Take her class! Awesome person, awesome professor.

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