AJC Celebrating Teachers honoree: Maureen Wales

A native Rhode Islander, Maureen graduated from Rhode Island College with a Bachelor of Science. Since 1995, she has served as an Adapted Physical Education teacher at Alpharetta Elementary, and modifies the physical education curriculum for students with special needs so that they are successful. Meeting in a small group setting, she encourages students to reach their gross motor skill goals and objectives. 

Given Maureen’s expertise in Adapted Physical Education, she is a mentor and cooperating teacher for Georgia State University students pursuing their degrees in Physical Education. Coaching Special Olympics is a big part of Maureen’s job. She loves the Special Olympics program and what it does for people with special needs, considering Eunice Kennedy Shriver her inspiration. Eunice Kennedy Shriver believed in people with special needs and advocated to improve their lives; something Maureen has demonstrated throughout her career.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is proud to announce a new community recognition program – the AJC Celebrating Teachers Awards. We believe the very best of the best are worth honoring and giving them the recognition they deserve. This will be a moment of significant pride for the honoree, their family and school.