Woman charged with beating another woman until she was unrecognizable

Kentasia Trimier

Credit: Clarke County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Clarke County Sheriff's Office

Kentasia Trimier

A woman was arrested Tuesday after Athens police said she beat another woman so badly that her face was no longer recognizable.

Kentasia Trimier is charged with battery and felony terroristic threats in connection with the incident, which happened Saturday at a pool in the 1000 block of Lakeside Drive.

Emergency medical services were already treating the injured woman when an Athens police officer arrived at the scene, according to an incident report.

The officer compared the woman’s appearance to her driver’s license photograph and said her injuries had made her unrecognizable.

“I observed her right eye was severely swollen. It was black and blue, and her eye was completely swollen shut but protruded almost to the entire length of her nose,” the report said. “Her left eye was swollen and only partially able to open.”

The victim told the officer she and another woman had a “beef” between them, according to the incident report. The victim said the suspect, who she called Kenta, had hurt her previously but she had chosen not to press charges.

However, the victim said the woman, later identified as Trimier, decided to fight her at the pool.

Witnesses told investigators an argument broke out between the victim and Trimier, and the altercation escalated into a physical fight. Several witnesses showed police videos of the fight that they had recorded on their cellphones.

The video showed Trimier, clad in a swimsuit, grabbing the victim by her hair and “viciously striking her in the face with a closed right fist,” the report said. “(Trimier) continues to strike (the victim) several times in the face and head while dragging her across the concrete.”

The fight lasted between 20 and 30 seconds, the report said. A witness also told police he heard Trimier scream “I’ll kill that (expletive),” throughout the altercation.

Trimier left the pool before authorities arrived, but was later taken into custody and booked into the Clarke County Jail.

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