Victim of Kennesaw FedEx shooting sues company over security

A package handler who was among six people shot during a violent rampage by a fellow employee at a Kennesaw FedEx facility is suing the company and the firm that provided security at the plant.

Brandyn Stonebraker was 19 on April 29, 2014, when he was struck by nine shotgun pellets fired by Geddy Kramer, 19, who then killed himself. Now 21, Stonebraker is seeking damages for his injuries and the resulting medical care he needs.

He is suing FedEx Corporate Services, FedEx Ground Package System and Allied Barton Security Services, as well as Kramer’s estate, in Fulton County State Court.

According to the suit, while he worked for FedEx, Kramer “exhibited threatening and dangerous behavior toward other FedEx Ground employees along with emotional and mental instability on multiple instances that would cause an ordinary, reasonable person or employer to believe that Kramer was violent and dangerous to himself and others and was likely to commit the foreseeable and preventable shootings of six people …”

Cobb County police said Kramer walked into the FedEx warehouse on Airport Road and opened fire. Six men and women between the ages of 19 and 52 were shot.

The suit says the defendants failed to keep the premises safe.

It says Stonebraker suffered permanent scarring and disfigurement and will continue to suffer severe mental and physical pain and suffering.

Health care professionals were unable to remove any of the nine pellets in Stonebraker, and although three fell out by themselves over time, six could remain in his body for life, the suit says. The pellets are embedded and located near his bladder, left elbow, thigh, abdomen, shoulder, and neck.