Thieves steal Atlanta police officer’s gun

Criminals stole an Atlanta police officer’s gun, the department announced Friday.

The thieves took the officer’s personal .45-caliber pistol.

Officer Tyrone Hunt was working an off-duty job at a Publix grocery store at 2900 Peachtree Road on Thursday when two burglars shattered the rear window of his 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 truck and stole a bag that contained his protective gear, several uniforms and his Taurus revolver, according to a police report.

The uniform and protective gear were found near Interstate 285 and Camp Creek Parkway by a passing motorist, but Hunt’s personal weapon and ammunition were not recovered, the report said.

Police discovered three usable fingerprints on Hunt’s truck, although officers have not said whether they have linked the prints to a suspect. A surveillance camera video shows two vehicles approaching Hunt’s pickup truck around 10 p.m. Two men get out and case the truck, and one shatters the window and lunges into the vehicle, while the other acts as a lookout, the police report said.

APD forwarded the revolver information to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation so the gun will be flagged in its computer system in case it is recovered, the report said.