R&B singer Angie Stone: ‘No, I did not knock out my daughter’s teeth’

Grammy-nominated R&B singer Angie Stone doesn’t deny she and her daughter exchanged punches. But in an appearance Thursday on The Steve Harvey Show, the Atlanta-based Stone made one thing very clear.

“No, I did not knock out my daughter’s teeth,” Stone, 54, told Harvey.

Diamond Stone did lose a tooth, but it was already brittle and decaying, her mother said.

“I think that in her defense, I think the tooth probably fell out because one had fallen out a week prior to that tooth falling out,” Angie Stone told longtime friend Harvey.

Stone's account of the March brawl differs from that of the DeKalb County police department. According to a police report, Stone struck her daughter, Diamond Stone, with a metal stand, knocking out her teeth, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported.

The spat, according to Diamond, started when Angie Stone entered her daughter’s room, demanded that she clean it up and ordered her to control her children, who were running half-naked around the singer’s Rogers Lake Road home, the police report stated. A family friend allegedly broke up the fight.

Both women were questioned by police, but only Angie Stone was charged with aggravated assault. She was later released from the DeKalb County jail on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond.

Harvey kept the interview light-hearted with Stone, who admitted she and her daughter had exchanged punches.

“We were definitely in an altercation,” Stone said. “It’s not that I’m proud of it. But you not gonna fight me in my house. You not gonna fight me, period. I am your mother, and that’s how that goes.”

Stone’s case was still pending Thursday, DeKalb court records showed.