Police subdue man after armed standoff at home

Carrollton officers fired a beanbag shot Friday to subdue an armed man who had barricaded himself inside his home for several hours, police said.

Special-response officers took Kim Dean, estimated to be in his late 40s, into custody outside his Katherine Court residence about 1 p.m., police spokesman Shannon Cantrell said.

Officers responded about 9 a.m. to Dean’s home, Cantrell said. Dean was talking about “suicide by cop” and fired some shots inside the house.

Officers set up a command post outside and negotiated with Dean by phone, Cantrell said. When Dean came out, he had a handgun, and would not comply with officers’ requests to put down the gun. Officers then shot Dean with a beanbag round, which stunned him long enough for officers to take him into custody.

Dean was apparently distraught over family issues, Cantrell said. He was taken to Tanner Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation. Any charges would come after that is completed.

Carroll County sheriff’s deputies helped in the operation, Cantrell said. About 20 officers were involved.