Police: Principal saved student attacked by dogs

An Atlanta school principal ran off a pair of pit bull terriers attacking a student Monday at The New Schools at Carver, police said.

Students on Monday afternoon alerted Jason Stamper, the principal of technology, that 16-year-old Azarius Lowe was under attack, Atlanta police spokeswoman Officer Kim Jones said.

“Mr. Stamper immediately responded to the baseball field and scared away the dogs,” Jones said.

The teen, who was outside during his lunch break, suffered multiple bite wounds to his face, arms and legs, and was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment, authorities said.

Stamper told Channel 2 Action News that he drove his car toward the dogs to try to scare them off of the teen.

When that didn’t work, he retrieved some unlikely weapons from his car, he told Channel 2.

“I actually was able to get them off with some tennis rackets,” Stamper said.

Lowe’s grateful father told Channel 2 that the incident could have ended much worse.

“We just want to thank him,” Lowe’s father, Arthur Steverson, said of Stamper. “Because God always puts someone in place when someone’s in need and I just thank God that he was there to assist him.”

Fulton County Animal Services officers set out traps for the dogs, but haven’t captured them yet, executive director Lara Hudson said.

Animal control officers were able to trap another dog accused of attacking a 13-year-old on Monday, Hudson said.

That animal, however, is not related to the Carver incident.

The dogs had not been captured as of early Tuesday evening.