Life sentence for Clayton County diary murderer

A convicted Clayton County murderer whom police identified by his victim’s diary was sentenced to life in prison without parole plus 20 years.

Marshae O’Brian Hickman was also sentenced to a 50-year prison term to run at the same time as the murder sentencing for attacking and trying to rape Candice Parchment months before he killed her in 2010.

A jury found Hickman, 21, guilty earlier this month of malice murder, felony murder – causing a death by committing a felony – false imprisonment, criminal attempted rape, involuntary manslaughter, four counts of aggravated assault, aggravated battery and concealing a death.

In her diary, Parchment wrote that Hickman and Jermaine Robinson tried to rape her in an abandoned home in their neighborhood in January 2010, according to police records.

Robinson pleaded guilty to aggravated assault for hitting Parchment in the head that night, and he would later testify against Hickman.

In April of that year, Parchment disappeared. Her body was found the following November beneath an abandoned mattress behind the apartment complex where Hickman used to live.

An autopsy determined that she had been stabbed and strangled to death, a GBI medical examiner testified.

Nearly a year later, Parchment’s mother found mention of the January rape attempt with the names of both attackers in the teen’s diary and gave the book to police, who charged a then-incarcerated Hickman with murder.