Justice doubles down on convicted Clayton cop killer

The teen convicted of killing a Clayton County Sheriff’s deputy had a second life sentence plus 25 years added to his prison time Thursday.

In addition to the life-plus-70-years sentence that 18-year-old Jonathan Bun must serve for gunning down Deputy Richard “Rick” Daly last July, Clayton Superior Court Judge Deborah Benefield on Thursday added another life stint – to be served concurrently with the first – and a consecutive quarter-century to Bun’s punishment.

With no chance for parole, Bun will die in prison.

He was convicted last week of a January 2011 armed robbery at a Forest Park gift shop called Los Amigos.

Bun was wanted for that robbery on July 20, 2011, when investigators from the Clayton Sheriff’s fugitive squad tracked down to serve him with the arrest warrant.

Daly, a uniformed deputy, initiated a traffic stop on Bun. But rather than surrendering, the suspect — 17 years old at the time — opened fire on the approaching deputy, hitting Daly several times and striking a fatal blow just below his ballistic vest, an autopsy showed.

Bun also fired at undercover deputies and Daly’s partner before fleeing and hiding, sparking a lengthy manhunt that drew hundreds of officers from dozens of metro area law enforcement agencies. The fugitive was caught, but Daly died at the scene.

In May, a Clayton County jury convicted Bun of the killing. In August, Benefield cited the teen’s seven-year history of criminal misbehavior when she sentenced him to life in prison.