Comedians injured in wreck while pulling into Midtown theater for show

Comedians Bobcat Goldthwait and Dana Gould were injured in a car wreck Thursday evening while pulling into a Midtown theater where they were set to perform.

Atlanta police were dispatched to a two-vehicle wreck outside the Relapse Comedy Theatre at the intersection of 14th and Mecaslin streets just before 6:30 p.m, officer TaSheena Brown told

Gould and Goldthwait’s driver failed to yield while turning left and struck another car, Brown said. The comedians were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital with minor injuries, and their driver was cited for traffic violations and driving on a suspended license. The driver of the other vehicle complained of leg pain, but declined medical treatment, Brown said.

Police have not released the name of the drivers involved.

An employee at the comedy club confirmed that Gould and Goldthwait were involved in a wreck just outside the venue, and said all tickets for the duo’s 8 p.m. show have been refunded.

Dubbed “The Show With Two Heads Live,” Gould and Goldthwait planned to tape their comedy specials here and in Asheville, N.C. for a potential special.

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Goldthwait has been doing comedy for nearly four decades and is arguably best known for his role as officer Zed McGlunk in the “Police Academy” movies.

Gould wrote for the hit animated comedy “The Simpsons” for seven years before leaving the show in 2006 to focus on other projects.

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