Judge tells alleged squatter to pay $20K-plus, leave Johns Creek house

A woman who has supposedly been living rent-free in a Johns Creek home for almost a year has been ordered by a Fulton County magistrate judge to pay more than $20,000 in back rent.

The agreement says she must be out by Sunday, according to Channel 2 Action News.

Still, after the ordeal, the property manager said he won’t breathe easily until she’s off the property.

“After I know that she's out,” Paul Washington said.

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The woman, Tamica McGill, filed for bankruptcy and pursued other legal motions to avoid paying rent, Channel 2 reported.

“She was doing this all to buy time and stay in the property, and successfully so,” said David Prado, attorney for homeowner Ramesh Muthiah.

If she doesn’t vacate by Sunday, per the agreement, “We'll file for the marshals to forcibly remove her as soon as possible,” Prado said.

"It's been very trying. Very stressful."

It’s a caveat for anyone who is considering renting their house or property.

"We didn't know that Ms. McGill had six prior evictions,” Prado said. “We didn't know that she had filed for bankruptcy that many times.

"I would really advise landlords to look at the whole picture of a potential tenant.”

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