2 gunmen try to rob Marietta travel agency, threaten to blow it up with gasoline

Police are searching for two armed masked men who went into a Marietta travel agency and threatened to blow the place up.

The owner of Servi Giros off Windy Hill Road told Channel 2 Action News the men walked into his business with their guns drawn Sunday afternoon. One of them was carrying a soda bottle filled with gasoline, which he poured all over the counter.

“You see that face and the gun pointed at you — it’s crazy, really crazy,” the owner, who asked Channel 2 to remain anonymous, said. “The nerves to come in here and pour gasoline ... that’s the most scary part.”

Surveillance video shows the two men without their masks on before they enter the business.

A married couple was in the lobby when the two armed robbers came in, and the owner said one of the masked men questioned them before letting them go because they didn’t have any money or valuables.

The other gunman threatened to blow up the store after pouring out the gasoline, the news station reported. The owner pushed a panic-alarm button from inside his locked office, and the two men left without taking anything.

Cobb investigators have the video and are trying to identify the two suspects. The owner also said a third person may have been a lookout for the two armed robbers, but police haven’t named that person as a person of interest.

An investigation is ongoing.

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