Feds: Memphis man committed more Buckhead home invasions

A Memphis man accused of kidnapping a Buckhead family and holding it hostage during a robbery has been accused of two more Buckhead home invasions, according to a federal indictment unsealed Thursday.

Mario Deandre Jackson is accused of "kidnapping and holding for ransom" two people, identified only by their initials J.C. and M.C., in January and of robbing M.M and T.M in June. He had already been indicted, along with Leon Scott, on charges of kidnapping and holding for ransom S.M. in May.

Another man is accused of assisting Jackson in the January and June kidnappings and robberies but his name has not been made public because police and federal agents are still searching for him, said Bill Morrison, the lawyer for Scott.

Morrison said all the crimes allegedly committed by the Memphis gang were home invasions in Buckhead. He noted Scott was not charged in the two other home invasions.

“These men are charged with terrorizing an Atlanta family, including their three minor children, during a violent home invasion,” Acting U.S. Attorney John Horn said in May in the case. “They allegedly traveled to Georgia from outside the state for the purpose of robbing the family, and forcing them at gunpoint to remove money from an ATM and to turn over other valuables, including a wedding band.

Police said a wedding band led to the robbery crew’s undoing. Atlanta detectives, acting on a tip from an associate of the men, found the band pawned under Scott’s name in Memphis.

On May 25, the two men entered a $3 million mansion on Paces Ridge Road, police said. The home was occupied by a husband, wife and three minor children. They drove one victim to an ATM to force him to withdraw cash, prosecutors said.

On July 9, Georgia State Patrol officers stopped a car carrying Jackson and found him with two firearms, both of which had been stolen during other robberies in Atlanta and Memphis, prosecutors said. Scott was arrested separately in a motel in Birmingham July 24.