Cobb police face lawsuit after fatally shooting man they say dragged cop with car

Sanchez Lowe was shot and killed by Cobb County police in 2018 after he allegedly dragged an officer with his car.

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Sanchez Lowe was shot and killed by Cobb County police in 2018 after he allegedly dragged an officer with his car.

Cobb County police are facing a federal lawsuit more than two years after an officer shot and killed a man who allegedly dragged a cop with his car, according to Channel 2 Action News.

In April 2018, Sanchez Lowe was among a group of drug suspects at a hotel near Austell, previously reported. In an attempt to get away, Lowe fought his way past police, got into his car and tried to drive away, dragging an officer during the process, Cobb police said at the time.

That was when an officer fired three shots at Lowe, fatally wounding him.

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On Thursday, Lowe’s family and their attorney told Channel 2 that they’ve filed a lawsuit against the department, alleging wrongful death, excessive use of force, assault and battery, and false arrest.

“We need justice for my brother, for Sanchez Lowe,” his sister, Biance Billingsly, told the news station. “We’re never going to see our brother again. And it’s not fair that you can go home and see your family.”

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Sanchez Lowe was killed by police in the parking lot of the Guest Inn in Austell in April of 2018.

The incident began when officers on patrol spotted “visibly illegal drug activity” inside a motel room that had been left open, according to police. Officers said they later found marijuana and two handguns at the scene.

“One suspect fought past officers and made his way into a vehicle, where he continued to struggle with officers and started to drive away,” a Cobb police spokesman said at the time.

In body camera video obtained by Channel 2, an officer warns Lowe that “I’m going to shoot you in the head” when he gets behind the wheel of the car.

Two officers received minor injuries during the incident, including the cop who was dragged. That officer is the one who fired the gunshots that killed Lowe.

The incident, which took place at the Guest Inn on South Service Drive near Six Flags over Georgia, was ruled a justified use of force by the GBI. A grand jury agreed.

“A GBI investigation found that use of lethal force against Sanchez Lowe was justified after he committed aggravated assault and battery against Cobb County police officers by using his vehicle as a deadly weapon to evade apprehension,” county spokesman Ross Cavitt said in a statement.

However, the attorney for Lowe’s family said that times have changed and that grand jury may have come to a different verdict today.

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“Well, that might have worked before George Floyd, but it doesn’t work anymore,” Che Karega told Channel 2.

Billingsly said she hopes the lawsuit will lead to charges and a conviction against the officer who shot and killed her brother.

In other news:

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Channel 2?s Matt Johnson learned she was released from the jail just before 8 p.m. Wednesday into the custody of her mother.