‘Breakdown’ S01 Ep. 7: Chapman at the threshold of freedom

Continuing Breakdown, a new podcast by the AJC

In the seventh and final episode of Breakdown, we find out whether Justin Chapman gets to walk out of prison after serving eight years in confinement. A South Georgia judge has already ruled in his favor, throwing out his convictions, but the state appeals that decision to the Georgia Supreme Court.

After hearing arguments in January, the Supreme Court takes three months to decide Chapman’s fate. John Rains and Mike Caplan, Chapman’s new lawyers, get advance notice that the court’s ruling will be issued the following Monday. This makes for an angst-ridden, sleep-deprived weekend in April. Does Chapman stayed locked up? Does he get to walk out of prison?

In this first season of Breakdown, senior legal affairs writer Bill Rankin goes deep inside the Chapman case, exploring where the criminal justice system broke down. You can listen to the Breakdown podcast below, or visit www.ajcbreakdown.com for all seven episodes, plus photos, articles, videos and more related information.