8 arrested after SWAT situation at Atlanta barbershop

Eight people were arrested early Monday after an hours-long SWAT situation at a northwest Atlanta barbershop, police said.

About 6:30 a.m., five people came out of Crazy Cutz barbershop with their hands above their heads, hours after police arrested two adults and one teen and recovered two rifles. One of the rifles is believed to be stolen, police said.

Officers were called to the business on Hollowell Parkway about 1 a.m.

“People saw children out there with weapons,” Atlanta police Capt. John Quigley said.

When police arrived, a group of teens and adults started running. Officers were able to catch the two adults and one teenager, Quigley said. The suspects are 16, 19 and 20 years old.

Believing some people ran inside the barbershop, SWAT surrounded the building and prepared to enter. That’s when the group exited the business with their hands behind their heads.

It’s unclear how the suspects got inside the building.

After arresting the eight people, officers used tear gas to drive out anyone who may have still been in the building.

Police waited for the gas to dissipate, so officers could do a more thorough search of the building, police said.

Quigley said officers were unable to reach the business owner to get inside initially and instead had to get a warrant.

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