Coronavirus: Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret storefronts shut down

'Social Distancing' May Be Needed , to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus. Some health experts are recommending that people stay further away from each other than normal. to ease the increasing numbers of coronavirus cases around the globe. From a cough or sneeze, studies say the disease can travel up to eight feet. The single most important thing you can do to avoid the virus is to reduce your face to face contact with people, Dr. William Schaffner, via CNN. Schaffner, a longtime CDC adviser, says 'socia

On Tuesday, parent company L Brands announced that all North American branches of its companies -- Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret and PINK -- would close storefronts through March 29.

Home office workers were also asked to work from home. All employees are still to receive pay during the temporary closure.

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"While our associates are at home with their loved ones at this critical time, we'll support them with pay, as well as look for other ways we might ease their concerns and share our appreciation for all they've done. As a company, we're also working on additional ways to support those in need to our home office communities," CEO Andrew Meslow wrote in an email to Bath & Body Works customers.

For those who will miss their fragrant hand sanitizers or were just about to splurge on new loungewear or lingerie, don’t worry:  The online stores will remain open.


Small businesses and international chains have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. L Brands' retail stores will join Under Armour, Nike, Apple, REI, Urban Outfitters and a host of others that have temporarily closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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