Cat surprises owner by bringing home bag of marijuana

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Cat owners often receive “presents” from their feline family members, usually in the form of hunting trophies like bugs, birds and other small prey. But one cat owner in New Zealand received a most unusual gift from her cat: a bag of marijuana.

According to a report in the Otago Daily Times, police received a call from a Dunedin-area woman who claimed her cat deposited a bag of drugs on her doorstep. When police investigated, they discovered 5 grams of cannabis, with an estimated street value of between 100 and 150 New Zealand dollars ($85-$128).

The woman declined to provide her name or the name of her drug-nabbing cat.

Authorities are having the bag of drugs fingerprinted as part of their ongoing investigation.

Dunedin police Sgt. Reece Munro said it might be worth police exploring the idea of adding feline members to their current canine-only force of drug-detecting animals.