Atlanta airport to screen for Ebola

Workers at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and four other airports will begin screening the temperature of arriving passengers whose travel originated in Ebola-stricken counties in West Africa, a federal official told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The stepped-up safety measures will begin Saturday at JFK Airport in New York, with the other airports starting the screenings sometime next week, the official said. The other airports include Newark, Dulles, Chicago and Atlanta.

The screenings will include those passengers who begin their travel in West Africa and board connecting flights to the U.S.

The official was not authorized to identify themselves in describing the new measure, so spoke under the condition of anonymity.

Customs and Border Protection agents are already handing out leaflets to travelers alerting them of the symptoms of Ebola, as well as instructions to contact a physician should they get sick within 21 days, the incubation period for the disease.

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