Surrenders and bonds set so far in Fulton County election probe

Photos from Fulton Jail today: Live updating

The bond agreements for defendants in the Fulton County Trump case so far have ranged from $10,000 for two defendants to the $200K set for Donald Trump. Here are the amounts reported so far (and a list of defendants that don’t have reported bond agreements):

Donald Trump: $200,000, Rudy Giuliani: $150,000, John Eastman: $100,000, Kenneth Chesebro: $100,000, Jenna Ellis: $100,000, Sidney Powell: $100,000, Mark Meadows: $100,000, Jeffrey Clark: $100,000, David Shafer: $75,000, Stephen Lee: $75,000, Cathleen Latham: $75,000, Trevian Kutti: $75,000; Ray Smith: $50,000, Robert Cheeley: $50,000, Michael Roman: $50,000, Shawn Still: $10,000 (signature bond), Scott Hall: $10,000, Misty Hampton: $10,000 (signature bond).

Defendants who don’t have reported bond agreements: Harrison Floyd. He surrendered on Thursday.

Who has surrendered to Fulton County jail and been released on bond: Donald Trump, John Eastman, Scott Hall, David Shafer, Cathleen Latham, Kenneth Chesebro, Ray Smith, Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, Mark Meadows, Michael Roman, Shawn Still, Jeffrey Clark, Misty Hampton, Bob Cheeley, Trevian Kutti. Mug Shot Photos

After the overnight surrenders, just two more of the 19 defendants had yet to be booked — Trevian Kutti and Stephen Cliffgard Lee. Kutti has now been booked.

The deadline: Noon Friday, Aug. 25. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said all defendants must voluntarily surrender by then or face arrest.