Attorney says economics professor arrested during Emory protest ‘was not a protester’

Caroline Fohlin, an economics professor arrested Thursday at an Emory demonstration, issued a statement late Friday through her attorney rejecting the charges against her.

The arrest was misguided, said Gregory Clement, her lawyer.

“Caroline Fohlin was not a protester at Emory on April 25,” he said. “She emerged from her office, concerned only about the treatment of students on the quad. She looks forward to vigorously defending the accusations against her in court.”

Following the Thursday morning protest, she was among the 23 people arrested and booked into the DeKalb County Jail on charges including disorderly conduct and simple battery against a police officer. Most of the individuals arrested were charged with criminal trespass.

Police arrested Emory economics professor Caroline Fohlin during a rally Thursday.


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Fohlin’s arrest was recorded by bystanders, as well as a camera crew from CNN. In the video, she could be seen approaching a policeman who had pinned a demonstrator to the ground.

She could be heard repeatedly shouting, “Oh my God,” while a second police officer arrived and the two policemen twisted Fohlin’s arms back and put her into handcuffs.