Atlanta residents, politicians and celebrities react to Paris attack

On Friday evening, a terrorist attack rocked Paris. As news of the horror came through, celebrities and politicians took to social media to express their support of the French people.

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"The Paris I know will stand firm," is the headline on a very touching and personal essay by the AJC's Kyle Wingfield. He writes:

"There's the Paris of college-age backpackers, all dingy hostels and breakneck tours to squeeze centuries of art, architecture and artifact into a long weekend on the way elsewhere. There's the Paris of older visitors, moneyed and patient enough to know an extra hour – or three – soaking in the ambience and esprit at a cafe, or a used bookshop with titles they can't read, beats checking off another collection at the Louvre or Musee d'Orsay.

"And then there's the Paris of Parisians, who know the modest doorways on block after block often open to stunning indoors, who know the difference between the cafe on this corner and the one on the next, who have the fortune to mold their lives around the city and the city around their lives.

"I have known the first two and been granted a peek at the third, the Paris that murderers savaged late Friday night."


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