Neat Robinson appointed to Henry County Commission seat

Former Stockbridge City Councilwoman Neat Robinson has been appointed to the Henry County Commission to fill the seat vacated by ex-Commissioner Dee Clemmons.

Robinson will serve as interim commissioner for District 2 until a special election is held later this year. She was recommended for the position by the Democratic Party Committee of Henry County.

A state law allows the Henry political party affiliated with a board member whose term is not up to recommend an interim nominee when there is a vacancy.

Four members of the board approved of Robinson’s appointment, with District 4 Commissioner Vivian Thomas abstaining.

Robinson served one term on the Stockbridge City Council before losing her at-large seat in 2019.

Clemmons resigned from the commission in late May after a 90-day leave of absence from the board came to an end. She said she concluded that stepping away was the best step for her health.

“I want to extend a sincere thank you to the citizens of Henry County and across the state for the support that I received during my leave,” Clemmons said. “But after much-needed rest, I concluded it was time to pass the torch on the local level.

“While you won’t see me working in this current capacity, I remain driven to find ways to make a positive impact through a means that is sustainable for me and my family,” she said.