Fulton residents: Your 2022 tax assessments should be arriving soon

Fulton County’s property owners can expect to see their 2022 tax assessments soon, according to county officials.

The assessments will be dated June 17 and are expected to arrive as early as this week, per a Fulton news release. And don’t be surprised if the values are higher.

The notice of assessment, as required by state law, reflects fair market value. But because of the general economic uncertainty and wild fluctuations in the real estate market, expect your home to gain value (without taking into account any homestead exemptions) this cycle.

Fulton residents should be used to wacky tax cycles, considering the two-year fight between the county and the state that ended in a settlement about three years ago.

Each of Fulton’s 18 taxing jurisdictions in Fulton County — comprised of cities, school boards and the county itself — will also set their annual tax rate, or millage rate, in the next few months.

Most homeowners have until Aug. 1 to appeal their assessment, unless another date is specified.

Visit www.fultonassessor.org or call 404-612-6440 for more information.