Cobb elections board rejects challenges to voter rolls

Citing a lack of evidence, the Cobb County Board of Elections swiftly rejected on Friday several challenges to the eligibility of tens of thousands of Cobb voters.

The challenges, including one filed by Jason Shepherd, who heads the Cobb Republican Party, relied on comparisons between the voter registration database and the Postal Service’s National Change of Address database to argue thousands of Cobb voters were no longer living in the county.

The board’s attorney, Gregg Litchfield, advised members at the start of Friday’s meeting that the mere production of the same name on two lists was “not sufficient” to prove anything.

“It could be an entirely different person,” said Litchfield during a meeting that was livestreamed to the public. “We’re talking about a national registry.”

Similar challenges are being filed across the state ahead of Georgia’s hotly contested Senate runoffs on January 5.