Atlanta Woodruff Arts Center to host TED’s annual event, TED women

Credit: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Credit: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

The popular TED talk conference is coming to Atlanta beginning next year.

Atlanta’s Woodruff Arts Center announced Wednesday that it is the annual TEDWomen Conference in 2023, 2024, and 2025. After several years in California, TEDWomen will host its first event in Atlanta from Oct. 11-13, 2023.

TED describes the TEDWomen event as an annual conference to celebrate the power of women and girls. The nonprofit said it is one of TED’s flagship conferences as it brings together creators and innovators to engage in networking and conversations across every sector of life.

Monique Ruff-Bell, TED’s Head of Conferences, said TEDWomen is excited to make Atlanta its new home because of the city’s intersection of technology, media, arts, diversity, and culture.

Woodruff Arts Center’s President & CEO Hala Moddelmog said it’s extraordinary that TEDWomen chose the Woodruff center for its next three conferences. She called the center an ideal place to host the event because of strong women in leadership roles throughout the organization and the city.

“It is fitting that an event that has become internationally influential for its ideas, would make its way to the city that influences everything,” said Mayor Andre Dickens.

Anyone interested in learning more about TEDWomen can visit, where people can apply to attend TEDWomen’s first online festival TEDWomen Presents. From Oct. 24-28, 2022, attendees can watch live and recorded talks, films, playlists of music, and interactive workshops.