Among the 500,000 who have outlived COVID-19, here are a few of the most inspiring stories

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103-year-old woman recovers, 99-year-old veteran discharged from hospital

As of Wednesday, April 15, more than 500,000 thousand people around the world have lived to see a positive test result turn to negative after recovering from the ravaging COVID-19.

About 2 million cases coronavirus cases have been confirmed around the world, according to the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. Of those listed as confirmed, about 507,330  have recovered. China saw the most recovered at upwards of 78,000, with Germany and Spain not far behind.

While any recovery is worth recognizing in a pandemic-stricken society, here are four inspiring recovery stories that bring hope and perspective in this uncertain time.


103-year-old woman beats COVID-19 in Kentucky.

Virginia Harris, a centenarian from Kentucky, tested positive for the coronavirus in mid-March after experiencing fever and nausea, reports WJBF.

“I was so sick, I thought I was going to die. But the good Lord took care of me, everybody was praying for me, and it just wasn’t my time,” Harris said.

Harris, who is affectionately called “Mawmaw” by her three grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren, was reportedly coronavirus-free on April 15.

The family expresses hope that others will survive it, too.

“If she could get through it at 103, you would feel most people can get through it if they took care of themselves and did what they’re supposed to do,” said Virginia’s son, Doug.

A Nevada nurse receives ovation after discharge.

Bessy Angue contracted the coronavirus while treating patients at Mountain View Hospital in Las Vegas. Her case was near-deadly, according to KTNV.

Southern Hills Hospital, where Angue underwent treatment, said Angue was one of their most critical patients. The staff admitted there were many of wondering whether she’d make it.

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“To see her recovery and how incredible she’s done, she’s such a fighter, it’s so rewarding,” says Alexis Mussi, CEO of Southern Hills Hospital.

Angue was discharged Tuesday. She was greeted outside by family, hospital staff and the NHL Golden Knight’s mascot.

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99-year-old WWII veteran goes home from hospital in England.

Across the pond, Albert Chambers contracted COVID-19 while hospitalized in Doncaster, England, for a broken wrist.

His family members said they think that his fortitude gained by serving as a British soldier in World War II might have helped him push through the morbid diagnosis, reports CNN.

After his recovery, the nurses honored the veteran with a guard of honor.

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"Thank you very much, I appreciate every bit you've done for me. It couldn't have been better," Chambers told the staff, captured on video by the NHS Northeast and Yorkshire health trust.

Chambers returned home Friday, April 10th. He will celebrate his 100th birthday this July.

Washington mother with coronavirus gives birth while in coma.

Angela Primachenko was 34 weeks pregnant when she agreed to go into a medically-induced coma while hospitalized for the coronavirus.

She worked as a respiratory therapist at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center, but hadn't been working when she developed the telltale symptoms of a fever and cough, according to the Washington Post.

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She went into the ICU at the same hospital where she was employed on March 26. Three days later, she was put on a ventilator. Her husband agreed to induce labor at the doctors suggestion, to give Primachenko’s lungs more space and her body more nutrients.

This video brought me to tears. Angela Primachenko delivered a baby in an induced coma while fighting #COVID19 - this is...

Posted by Sarah Hurwitz - Fox 12 Oregon on Monday, April 13, 2020

Daughter Ava was delivered with no health issues on April 1, while Primachenko remained comatose.

After five more dark days of intubation, the mother finally recovered and was extubated.

“Everyone did a standing ovation and just clapped me out of the ICU, which was so amazing and such a huge thing to be able to leave the ICU and go to the floors,” Primachenko said. “It was just the grace of God.”

"That was emotionally unbelievable," she told CNN. "It was just crazy to have to try to understand what happened the last 10 days, having to puzzle back together your life."

Primachenko has since been released from the hospital and is self-quarantining. She is awaiting the two negative COVID-19 test results in a row that will finally allow her to meet Ava.

"[Ava] means breath of life," Primachenko said in an interview with KPTV. "And I'm like, I just really like it, I think Ava is just such a beautiful name. And we did not expect to go down this road, but sure enough she ended up being our little breath of life."

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