Airport gun seizures down in Atlanta, up nationwide

While the number of firearms discovered at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport security checkpoints is down, the Transportation Security Administration has set a new record for catching people trying to bring firearms through airport security nationwide.

So far this year, TSA discovered 2,120 firearms at checkpoints, according to Channel 2 Action News. Last year the number was around 1,800.

In Atlanta, Chanel 2 reports, TSA officers discovered 104 firearms, down from last year’s total of 111.

Earlier this month, TSA officers in Atlanta discovered a World War II era blasting machine in someone’s check baggage. This year, officers also found 92 pounds of marijuana, a cannon barrel and swords.

“I think it is terrible, I don’t understand anyone thinking they could possibly do that. Are they living under a rock?” traveler Tom Willig told Chanel 2’s Rachel Stockman..

In addition to firearms, TSA officers in Atlanta discovered 204 box cutters, 441 deadly or dangerous prohibited items, 86 flammable objects, 152 knives, and 1,462 sharp objects.

The station reports Atlanta police say they have arrested 59 people for bringing a gun with no permit to the airport so far this year.