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Item: Sandy Spings (Fulton)

In January, we told you about Leslie Walden’s problem with water meter covers

“On Nov. 30, I was walking my dog in front of 5080 Northland Drive in Sandy Springs and stepped on the top of a water meter in the middle of the sidewalk. To my complete surprise, the cover tilted open, and my foot and leg fell at least 18 inches into the hole. I fell down, stunned because it hurt so badly,” she wrote.

Walden said she received a nasty bruise and a deep cut on her leg that was bleeding, even though I was wearing long pants.

“Three weeks later, I still had the gash on my leg, which is finally healing. However, I could have easily broken a bone or have gotten an even deeper cut,” she added.

On Dec. 1, Walden reported it to the watershed management and told them the cover needed fixing right away so it fits properly.

“I called again Dec. 3, and also reported a second water meter with a loose cover at 5308 Northland Drive; I was assured they would be fixed within 48 hours. It is five weeks later and neither water meter has been fixed. I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else. There is a constant stream of pedestrians walking along Northland Drive.”

She called her Sandy Springs city council representative but said the issue was under the control of Atlanta.

Walden said last week the issue had been fixed and thanked us for staying on top of the item.

Days on the list: 91

Who’s looking into it: Media Relations, dwmmediainquiries@attlantaga.gov