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Fixed: Atlanta (DeKalb)

Earlier this year, we told you about Kim Woodland’s project she has been trying to resolve for months.

“Several months ago, DeKalb County water employees replaced some water infrastructure in front of 1224 Stillwood Drive. They filled the holes in the asphalt with gravel. Over time, the rains washed away the gravel and created huge holes. About three weeks to a month ago, a DeKalb road crew placed large metal plates over the holes. The plates are on a slope and have started to move as cars pass over them,” she wrote.

Last week, we got an update that the item had been thoroughly addressed.

Days on the list: 143

Who got it fixed: Communications Manager Andrew Cauthen, acauthen@dekalbcountyga.gov

Item: Atlanta (DeKalb)

Vicki Ingram has a drainage issue.

“I have a storm drain overflow basin in my yard at 3187 Alton Road. I have lived at this address for 30 plus years. The storm drain was covered from the street to my property’s edge by the previous owner and Dekalb County. My problem is the storm drain has been stopped up for months. Water pours out of the overflow basin and floods my yard with every heavy rain. The water comes through the overflow basin so forcefully, and it lifts the cover off the basin. The last heavy rain, it flooded my swimming pool which cost me, considerably, to get the pool cleaned,” she wrote.

Ingram said she called Nov. 12 and told the county the storm drain was stopped up and water was pouring out of the overflow basin and flooding my yard.

“Please get back with me as soon as possible and let me know how this matter is being resolved,” she asked the county.

We will let you know when this is fixed.

Days on the list: 2

Who’s getting it fixed: Communications Manager Andrew Cauthen, acauthen@dekalbcountyga.gov