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Karon Cook wants this issue fixed.

Credit: Karon Cook

Credit: Karon Cook

Karon Cook wants this issue fixed.

Fixed: Atlanta (Fulton)

Last week, we told you about Don Thurman’s issue with a downed power line.

Thurman started calling utility companies and discovered the line belonged to AT&T.

“We did call AT&T. 911 was also called; the fire department took a quick look and turned around.

A couple of weeks later, the line was so low that a truck broke it, pulling it into the street. Thankfully, the power pole didn’t come with it. Instead, someone dragged the line to the sidewalk where it still lays. We don’t know how to get this line removed from the sidewalk, although it is a danger to pedestrians. We could use some help resolving this issue,” Thurman said.

We learned the issue had been resolved.

Days on the list: 2

Who got it fixed: AT&T Lead Public Relations Manager for Corporate Communications Sarah Rodriguez, sr7211@att.com

Item: Atlanta (Fulton)

Karon Cook is concerned about a dangerous situation.

“I was walking alongside Whole Foods parking garage when I saw two small children in a car alone. I wasn’t watching my steps and I hit this obstacle in the sidewalk. I went flying through the air, and a lady driving by actually stopped and asked if I was okay. Being in shock, blood coming from both knees, feet and hands, I struggled to get back to my apartment lobby,” Cook said.

We sent the issue to the city and will keep you updated.

Days on the list:2

Who’s looking into it: Atlanta Public and Media Relations Manager Michael Frierson, mfrierson@atlantaga.gov.