Take to Task

Item: Senoia (Coweta)

As the region grows, we get more questions about busy arterial roads that serve as connection points between suburbs and exurbs.

A reader sent us a query this week about a road on the southwest side of the metropolitan area.

The reader is a regular commuter on Ga. Highway 16 between Senoia and Newnan has noticed parts of the road starting to show its age. The reader said some of the road had been resurfaced, but many areas still need patching and filling.

We sent the issue to the DOT and will keep you updated.

Days on the list: 2

Who’s getting it fixed: DOT spokesman Natalie Dale, ndale@dot.ga.gov

Item: Atlanta (Fulton)

In August, we told you about Patrick Edmonson’s problem with a long-term issue.

“What is broken is my sidewalk … back in 1990. City sewer folks showed up and dug holes in the street, then dug into the sidewalk at 443 Lakeshore Drive, worked their way down, digging a hole in the pavement, and then moved down and digging another,” he wrote.

Edmonson said he had Atlanta Gas, Atlanta water and sewer, and city engineers looking for something they would not say.

“They dug up the sidewalk and carted off the debris. The crew reached my house and cracked up the sidewalk with a backhoe and piled the chunks of concrete in a heap on my yard where they have remained. My neighbors on both sides and I complained and were told there was a financial crisis, and they would return in a month to fix our sidewalks,” he said.

Edmonson said the sidewalk is dirt and becomes mud impassible to strollers.

“If a wheelchair came by, they would be forced to go into the street as the path is impassible and slippery when wet.”

He said the neighbors had sold their houses, and the new owners have no idea why they lack a sidewalk. The city seems to violate handicapped laws.

“They have put in new sidewalks up and down Lakeshore at corners to make the sidewalks useable by all citizens, but overlook the middle of the block.”

We sent the issue to the city and will keep you updated.

Days on the list: 90

Who’s looking into it: City of Atlanta Department of Public Works Commissioner James Jackson, 404-330-6240, jamesjackson@atlantaga.gov.