Trees cleared for sewer line along Chattahoochee

Crews have started clearing trees in a 40-foot-wide easement for a new sewer main through the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, the National Park Service said in a Facebook posting.

The easement extends from Johnson Ferry Road to the Morgan Falls Dam.

“Following the clearing of the easement, a temporary access road will be built, and trenching will begin for the new sewer line,” the Park Service said. “Heavy equipment will be in use, so please obey posted warning signs in the area.”

The Fulton County Department of Public Works is installing a main sewer in the Johnson Ferry North Unit of the federal preserve, work that is expected to go for seven months.

The sewer, roughly 1.2 miles long and 20 feet wide, would connect with a Cobb County Water System line and provide a bypass during the upgrade of the Big Creek Water Reclamation Facility. Information: