Roach infestation leads to failing score at 7 Tequilas

Live roaches and black mold in the ice machine were among multiple food safety violations found during a routine inspection of 7 Tequilas Mexican Restaurant in Woodstock. It led to a failing score of 43/U.

In addition to being on the ice, live roaches were throughout the kitchen, including near the steam table, dishwasher, and floor. The inspector noted this as a repeat violation and said a pest control service is needed to address the infestation.

Among other violations, a large pan of raw chicken was above raw shrimp in the reach-in cooler. The cheese dip on the steam table was at an unsafe temperature. Cooked items, such as the salsa, were improperly cooling on ice and were at unsafe temperatures. Also, the spinach was not refrigerated and at risk of contamination.

The dishwasher was not dispensing chlorine to sanitize, and the dish sink had no measurable amount of sanitizer in the water.

Seven Tequilas Mexican Restaurant, 5947 Holly Springs Parkway, Woodstock, will be re-inspected. The restaurant’s previous score was 90/A, earned in October.