Northern China’s wooden dumpling board not approved

During a routine health inspection, Northern China Eatery in Doraville had to remove a wooden board and trays used to make dumplings because the material was not cleanable.

The inspector said the meat sink was also leaking and in need of repairs.

Instead, raw meat was prepped inside the basin of the hand sink. Employees removed the meat and cleaned the sink.

Among other health violations, several food items were stored incorrectly and were at risk of cross-contamination. For example, raw shrimp was next to raw chicken in the prep cooler, and raw eggs were next to packages of rice noodles and tofu. In addition, raw effs were above a pot of soup and a pot of cooked beef.

A cooked garlic and oil sauce did not cool to a safe temperature within the four-hour time limit and was discarded.

A box of oil, a container of meat and a box of vegetables were directly on the floor. Utensils were in tepid water. And an employee picked up a utensil from the floor and proceeded to attempt to cook without washing their hands.

Northern China Eatery, 5141 Buford Highway, Doraville, scored 58/U on the inspection and will be re-inspected.