Sandy Springs applying for grant to support firefighters

Credit: custom

Credit: custom

Sandy Springs Fire Chief, Keith Sanders, recently made a compelling request to the city council requesting permission to apply to the FY2022 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program. The Fire Department is seeking funds to purchase fire helmets and bail-out kits for personnel.

Currently, firefighters are provided with one helmet that is worn to all incidents. By having a second helmet, firefighters can better avoid exposure to harmful chemicals and carcinogens should they need to go immediately from one structure fire to another.

Bail-out kit systems allow firefighters to exit out of multi-story residences, apartment complexes or office buildings quickly and safely through windows using hooks, ropes or cords and a descender. According to Chief Sanders, “this system is used as a last defense against any unexpected fire or hazardous conditions that may arise during an active incident. We are requesting these kits for all personnel as well as for our training division.”

The approximate cost of the proposed personal protective equipment and subsequent training is $124,100. The AFG program requires a minimum 10% match from applicants whose jurisdictions serve between 20,000 and 1,000,000 residents. If awarded, Sandy Springs will be required to provide $12,410.