Sandy Springs accepts sub-grant to purchase anti-overdose medication

The Sandy Springs City Council recently agreed to accept a $14,400 sub-grant to equip all frontline police officers with Narcan, a Naloxone product designed specifically to be administered via the nasal cavity to individuals experiencing an overdose.

Georgia’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council was awarded a federal grant through the Bureau of Justice Assistance FY20 Comprehensive Opioid, Stimulant, and Substance Abuse Program and then made the funds available to local agencies for various programs, including to purchase Naloxone products.

State law allows first responders to carry and administer this medication and provides immunity from civil and criminal liability when administered.

Each dose costs $37.50 and the Sandy Springs Police Department will purchase 384 devices to equip employees and create a back-up supply. The department’s current inventory of devices is depleted and most remaining devices are past their three-year shelf life. Expired devices will be turned over to the Atlanta Harm Coalition.